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Our diet is decisive for our state of health, however there are certain foods that alkalinize your body and others that acidify it, in this article we will base ourselves on the importance of having an alkaline diet, initially a diet must be balanced, balanced and offer all the nutrients that our body needs to develop all its metabolic functions, however there are foods that help to have a healthier body, among the foods that you must include in your diet to improve the conditions of your body are the majority of all fruits , and vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, almonds, peas, oat milk, almond milk, olive oil, walnuts, egg, egg whites, avocado among others in a future article we will talk more in depth about alkaline foods by food group these foods should be increased consumption as these help keep your body in a correct PH balance, which feeds Things to avoid that are super acids that only harm your body are processed foods such as sausages, red meat, fast foods, foods high in sugar or sugar added to your food, artificial sweeteners, consumption of carbonated beverages such as mineral water, regular and diet soft drinks It is important to find a balance in the way we eat since this is decisive for our body to have drastic variations in PH and therefore increase cellular stress.

therefore an alkaline diet should be based on healthy foods and drinking alkaline water also helps to maintain this PH balance in your body reminding you that the goal is not to reach your body the goal is to find a balance between foods that acidify your body and foods that alkalinize them.

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